Week 51 - 2014

Week 51 - 2014

I'm not a developer. Please show me the cool stuff!

It's just a few days until Christmas. The holiday spirit is slowly kicking in, so this weeks sharing is all about enjoying your holiday and maybe learn something new. All photos in this post is shot by me last year just before Christmas. They are all trying to slow you down to a reasonable holiday speed.


Christmas holiday is a good time to pick up the stuff you love to do. Here is a list of Node.js modules to kick start your dream project you always wanted to do. A good list of useful and not so useful Node.js modules. // github.com#nodejs#npm

In case you don't have a dream project, and feel kind of uninspired, I'm throwing in this nice Christmas real time tracker made in Node.js. Maybe something like this could be your holiday project? The Christmas tracker The story behind the Christmas tracker // ashleynolan.co.uk#nodejs#realtime

Even if you are playing around with prototypes or other private projects it's important to think about testing. It's always nice to think about testing, even if it sometimes hurt. Browser testing can be a real pain in the *ss. This is where Phantom.js comes to the rescue. To get started with Phantom.js you should try Phantom.js live test page, and Phantom.js is found here. // ozaur.com#phantomjs#unittest

Now you have all the components you need to start your holiday project. If you still don't have a clue and are up for it you can try to follow this write up and build you own Instagram clone. // hackhands.com#nodejs#instagram




After you are done building your project it's time to xmasify your website. Remember; fashion before function. // schillmania.com #xmas #snow

And finally you have to count all your Safety Pigs inside the source code to make sure the code quality is good.

Safety Pig
    v                    _
 _._ _..._ .-',     _.._(`))
'-. `     '  /-._.-'    ',/
   )         \            '.
  / _    _    |             \
 |  a    a    /              |
 \   .-.                     ;  
  '-('' ).-'       ,'       ;
     '-;           |      .'
        \           \    /
        | 7  .__  _.-\   \
        | |  |  ``/  /`  /
       /,_|  |   /,_/   /
          /,_/      '`-'

I know! Wtf is this pig doing here..?. // quora.com #code #comments

By the way; remember to keep the wtfs/min ratio at a minimum.





Hey! Don't forget to make room for some fun. If you haven't you should give The Ultimate Game a try. If you're not up for Nethack, try Pixel Dungeon instead. // nethack.org #nerd #game

Ok, if you're not a complete hardcore nerd maybe you should throw penguins instead. // agame.com #pingu

A bit more serious subject is the addictive behavior related to checking your smart phone all the time. Why do we do it? Holidays should be about your family and friends. The companies behind these addictive apps are trying hard to get you hooked. A good write up about the Psychology Behind Why We Can’t Stop Messaging. // nirandfar.com #hooked #behavior

Are you hooked? Find out in this short talk about how to spot an anti social behavior.

// ted.com #antisocial

Enjoy Xmas while you sing along this famous Norwegian Xmas song.

// youtube.com #ylvis



Enough online stuff! It's time for some holiday exercise program you can do anywhere without any equipment. This means there is no excuses anymore. Please take care of your body during the holidays. Get your family to join you :)

Monday - 45-60 min

Warmup 5 min. Some inspiration in this video. The most important thing is to get your body started.

Deadlifts without weights 3 x 15

Squats without weights 3 x 15

Walking Lunge 3 x 30 (15 on each leg)

Calf raise without weights 3 x 20

Jack knife 3 x 10

Wednesday - 45-60 min

Warmup 5 min. Some inspiration in this video. The most important thing is to get your body started.

Push ups 3 x 10

Inverted rows 3 x 15 (Starts at 0:53)

Chair dips 3 x 10

Burpees 3 x 15

Plank hold 3 x 1-2 min (as long as you are able to hold it.)