Order from Amazon.com

Order from Amazon.com

If you like shopping online it's important to check the prices before you order. But sometimes you can't order from the site with the best prices because they don't ship to your country. I live in Norway, and have this exact problem when I'm trying to order from Amazon.com.

The Challenge

I'm a bit into home improvement and for this I need proper tools. Usually this means buying tools made for professionals. Makita is one of those pro-brands.

If you compare the prices on Makita tools in Norway and on Amazon.com you get some pretty interesting results. Equivalent tools cost 3 times the price in Norway. $1,480 in Norway and $549 on amazon.com.

The Solution

If you want to order from Amazon.com you need an address in the USA. JetCarrier.com provides this for you. Create your account and you're all set to order the desired products.

  1. Visit JetCarrier.com and create your account.
  2. Login to your account and go to the account page. You will find your USA address at the lower part of the page.
  3. Go back to Amazon.com, find the products you want to buy and complete the order process with your new USA address.
    • Find product.
    • Add to basket.
    • Go to check out page.
    • Complete the payment.
  4. Finally go back to jetcarrier.com and book your package, so they know it's coming.
    • Book your package. This must be done right after you have ordered from Amazon.com.
    • Wait for your package...

Additional info

Price example - Makita bundle

Norway USA (Amazon.com)

Makita LXT 600Makita LXT 600

Makita XT 601Makita XT 601

Price $1,480 $549
Shipment $62 $62
Tax $137.35
Total $1,542 $748.35
URL Prisjakt.no Amazon.com

You save $794 on this deal. This is a 51.5% discount.