A super simple blog server

A super simple blog server

I was challenged to make a prototype for a new blog server platform in 3 hours and I made it.


Wordpress stinks! Jomla stinks! Drupal Stinks!

Why do they all stink?

  • To complex.
  • To hard to:
    • Setup.
    • Maintain.
    • Learn.
    • Use.
  • Do not scale linear without huge cost.
  • Content template are too strict.
  • Long time to market.
  • Lack offline integration.
  • Lacking or bad mobile device support.
  • No offline content reading and editing.
  • Limited ACL support.
  • Security.

I only want a simple system to be able to publish my blog.

Project demands

  • Easy setup.
  • Easy development, smart testing and short time to market.
    • Sufficient test coverage with unit and integration tests.
  • Easy to setup local development and staging server.
  • Linear traffic scaling without ruining you.
  • Small code base and few abstraction layers.
  • All code should be easy to read and in the spirit of uncle Bob.
  • Should be able to work online, offline and from all devices.
  • Content should be available offline for readers.


  • Serve HTML files based on md files and images.
    • Seo optimized HTML.
    • Valid HTML.
    • Responsive HTML.
  • Convert images automatically to web versions.
  • Automatic restart when it fails.
  • Able to deploy inside amazon with elb, auto scaling and zone distribution.
  • All articles in md.
  • Section separation.
  • Image support for jpg and png.
  • Code snippets.
  • Charts.
  • Presentations.
  • Comments.
  • Table of contents.

Other features

  • Web Analytics with Google analytics.
  • Google search engine.
  • Disqus for comments and read more.
  • Templates from Wrap bootstrap or html5up.net.
  • Dropbox for md files
    • Use a simple editor to edit the files locally online and offline.
    • Automatic sync between all users.
    • Automatic publish when done
  • All files starting with - or _ are work in progress.

Plans and ideas

  • Content plugins
    • REST API
    • Evernote
    • Google docs
    • Amazon S3
      • See Dropbox
  • Evernote integration
    • Fetch articles from notebooks inside Evernote
  • How do I publish a blog post?
    • Make a minimal setup guide.
  • How do I get my blog online?
    • Insert a guide for different operation systems. Step by step howto guide.
    • Server setup guide or even a script to launch an amazon image automatic.

Project on Github

See Simple Blog @ Github